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What Will Your Divorce Be Like?

Whether or not it was your decision, your divorce should proceed in a way that you can handle. While divorce is always a disruptive process, it does not have to be totally out of your control. Your choice of attorney may go a long way to helping you get a handle on what is ahead.

My name is Michelle Eisenmenger. At my firm Eisenmenger Family Law, I work with people going through divorce in Kentucky and Indiana. I prioritize helping my clients keep as much control of the process as possible. I offer honest, compassionate services in mediation and adoption; aggressive advocacy in contentious proceedings; and efficient, creative solutions in drafting prenuptial agreements.

How Hard Will Divorce Be On Me?

The difficulty of a divorce depends on the willingness of both sides to work together to get to a solution. More and more people are choosing divorce options that prioritize a lower conflict angle, such as:

  • Cooperative divorce: Many of my clients want to resolve their divorces in the most efficient and amicable way possible. In those divorces, I will approach your case with the goal of maintaining peace in your family while ensuring that you receive a fair settlement.
  • Mediation: A divorce mediation is a lower conflict, private proceeding which allows both sides to work through the major topics in the divorce with a neutral third party, who does not impose a solution, but facilitates the parties in developing a solution themselves.

Working with your spouse can help you build a divorce solution that is fairer and less stressful than other alternatives.

The Realities Of A High Conflict Divorce

Despite your best efforts, your divorce may become contentious. This is often a result of clashing personalities or a history of transgressions, or hidden assets or income. Whatever the circumstances, your divorce is going to be much more stressful than you were hoping.

When a divorce becomes a battle, the entire process becomes much slower and more expensive. Every issue can become a high-stakes, painful fight. I’ve seen firsthand how nasty these issues can get. I promise to fight for you and pursue what matters most to you.

Getting You Through It. Helping You Move Forward

Your divorce is not going to be easy. It may be one of the most emotionally, financially and personally difficult things you have ever experienced. However, I can help you get through this trying time. Call my Louisville office at 502-694-9494 or send me an email to schedule a meeting.