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I Understand What You’re Going Through

Family law can be a complex mix of brutal emotional confrontations and legal quagmires. Going through any family law proceeding is going to bring you face to face with a lot of challenging issues. You want an attorney who will be beside you throughout and can represent you with the care you need most.

My name is Michelle L. Eisenmenger, and I believe that effective family law representation comes from strength, guided by compassion. I get to know my clients by listening to their stories and problems. I then draw on my skills as an attorney to craft a legal strategy that pursues their goals.

Why I Became A Family Law Attorney

I started my legal training knowing that I wanted to help families get through family law difficulties. I had seen firsthand the devastating effects that a divorce can have on a person’s entire life. I promised myself that I’d be the type of attorney I hoped my family would have when they needed it.

A Promise Of Compassion And Strength

My goal is to be a thoughtful, caring presence in your case. I want to do what you need to find a resolution that makes sense for you. This means:

  • When you need an aggressive advocate for your goals, I will be that advocate
  • When you need to understand what is going on with your case, I will explain it to you
  • When you are not sure of the next move, I will walk you through all your options

Whether it is a divorce, custody matters or adoption, I understand what is at stake and can offer you complete answers.

Serving Clients In Indiana And Kentucky

My firm, Eisenmenger Family Law, is located in Louisville, but I am licensed to serve in Indiana as well. This is an excellent benefit to my clients who live throughout the Kentuckiana area, as family law matter often will cross state lines in complex ways.

I’m here to get you through this in the way you deserve. Reach out to me by calling 502-694-9494 or using this online form.

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